Did anyone else get sent home from school with an upset stomach, then your mom would give you a Coke with lime? I don't know what witchcraft that was but it somehow always made our tummies feel better, right?

Well, now TikTok is discovering the combination drink, not for it's tummy healing properties, but because it's refreshing! It all started when Texas queen Lizzo shared the simple recipe with her followers.

Lizzo branded it as a "new food trend" and it wasn't long before lots of other people started to create the concoction themselves!

Lizzo thought she started a trend, but those of us in the Borderland already knew about this refreshing elixir!

In the comments section, of course, many took the time to let Lizzo- and the countless others who created TikToks with this recipe, that this isn't something that's new!

but coke and lime isn't new, sis

Also, others took time to remind many of us that Coke actually came out with a Coke with Lime flavor back in 2005- and just as quickly as it came it was gone! As soon as I remembered, I automatically remembered the commercial for Coke with Lime!

Iconic! So many were not impressed that Lizzo wanted to dub this a "new food trend"- this is something that so many had done for so long, but I think Lizzo was trying to alert Coca-Cola that is is indeed something that so many people want!

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Coke, I think this is the perfect time to bring back Coke with Lime. But I mean, we can also just make it at home, right?


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