Texans are already familiar with how we do things around here in Texas. But as for outsiders living outside of Texas, they have no clue. But some outsiders somewhat have an idea because of their relatives who live in Texas.

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If you're a true Texan then you know everything is bigger in Texas. When we travel through Texas we're not exactly surprised at what we encounter. But people who move from New York to Texas are in for a big surprise.

A woman who made the move from New York to Texas shared her view of Texas on TikTok. The Chron shared her story which has been going viral and popping up everywhere. A 28-year-old math teacher Ms. Wolf shared her personal opinions about the big change. After sharing her two cents about Texas on TikTok, it blew up.

Her TikTok 'culture shock' video got 1.3 million views and 214,000 likes. But she made some points that will give you a giggle. Her TikTok video covers lifted trucks, stores, food, and bad driving skills.

But for us Texans who were born and raised in Texas, we're used to it all. We're familiar with the lifted trucks we see driving around. In Texas, some of us like to do things differently even if it means making our rides bigger. Visual Dream Films shared a video on YouTube of the biggest lifted trucks in West Texas (above). Ms. Wolf even mentioned the well-known grocery store chain H-E-B.

She should feel lucky to be able to shop at an H-E-B. After all, some El Pasoans wish we could get an H-E-B in El Paso. What stunned Ms. Wolf at H-E-B was being called mam by a cashier. Another funny mention Ms. Wolf brought up was the near-death experience she almost had on the road.


I will never ever get used to being called “mam” 😂 ##teachersoftiktok ##texas ##katespadenyonthemove ##CinderellaMovie

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Ms. Wolf's facial expressions are hilarious as she covers each subject. For example, when she shares her opinion about Texas drivers who don't signal is hilarious. After watching her TikTok it had me wondering something. If Ms. Wolf was shocked after moving to Texas, we probably would be too after moving to New York.

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