I came across the craziest video the other day- a beekeeper who was helping to relocate some bees from under a floorboard- with her bare hands! She never flinched, didn't even wear any type of gear- let alone gloves while she scooped the bees in her hands to their new home. I was mesmerized! How?! Check it out.

How crazy is that?!

This is Erika Thompson who is a professional beekeeper with her own company, Texas Bee Works (which is also her TikTok handle). Thompson is saving the lives of bees one by one in Austin. She has over four million followers on TikTok with lots of videos of her showing her skills saving the bees.

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An important part of Thompson's consists of removing unwanted colonies from people’s properties, a process which can take anywhere from 45 minutes to four hours, depending on the size of the hive. According to Thompson, once she removes a colony, she takes them home to her apiary which is just a short walk from her home.

Most recently, Thompson removed bees from Jason DeRulo's home- again, with her bare hands!

Thompson remains calm throughout the entire removal which is just fascinating- and it's notable that she's usually never wearing gear. According to Thompson, the only times she'll put on protective gear is if she notices signs of aggression from the bees; and yes, she does get stung occasionally, but it doesn't really bother her.

It fascinates me so much how she remains calm and without so much as gloves while she removes all the bees; I end up screaming if I even see one little bee!

You can check out more fascinating videos of Thompson and bee removals by clicking here, and you can find out more about the work she does by clicking here.


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