These guys in Austin are turning judging into a community activity!

These are the Barton Boys, they consist of Adam Semlali, Joey Pydyn, Andrew Foster and Alan Yanez; together the guys gather at Barton Springs Pool in Austin and bring some smiles to the swimmers and divers.

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They're called the Barton Boys because of how they've gone viral for the way they've begun judging the divers at the pool, which at first sounds kind of harsh, but I think when you see the video below, you'll agree that it's pretty wholesome.

You would think their judging would cause a bit of an uproar but it's actually turned into a community event where swimmers and divers eagerly await their judgement. Their videos have garnered over thousands of views and hundreds of likes.

Their motto is "good dives, better vibes". Speaking with Fox 7 Austin, Semlali says he got the idea almost four years ago when he saw a crowd at the springs cheer on a small girl as she dived into the water; he noticed how the community came together and from then on, the Barton Boys dove into their journey as diving judges.

The response from the community has been incredible. Honestly the first time we planned to come out here we weren’t sure if we were going to get stopped for judging people.

Obviously, the people love it, and it doesn't look like the fellas want to stop anytime soon.

If you find yourself in Austin next year and look forward to getting your dive judged- check out the Barton Boys at Barton Springs pool. You can check out what the guys are up to here.

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