Do you flush your toilet paper down the toilet? I know it's a weird question to ask because to a majority of people the answer is simple: yes, of course we flush our toilet paper! But to another portion of people, the answer would be: no, we do not flush our toilet paper!

Colourblind Kevin via Unsplash
Colourblind Kevin via Unsplash

In El Paso, you may notice in some businesses they put signs in the restrooms that remind you to flush your T.P. down the drain; and then there are other places that will explicitly tell you to not flush the T.P. and instead throw it in the trash can usually next to the toilet.

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I know, to some this is super gross- but to some it's completely normal. So when El Pasoan and TikTok user Alexis Garcia moved for college and discovered that you were allowed to flush the toilet paper she was shocked! Check out her video but do watch out, it's a little NSFW.

That's right, Garcia was shocked to find out that when she flushed the toilet paper, nothing bad happened. But she's not the only one who also experienced this growing up; many in the comments also shared how it went the first time they discovered they could just flush toilet paper!

The toilet paper! I knew we weren’t normal because at school I could flush the toilet paper and nothing happened

And I will also admit that I also grew up in a home where we threw our T.P. in our trash can. It is shocking when you find out that you can flush the T.P.! Were you a thrower or a flusher? Let us know in the app chat!

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