Everyone has known for the longest time that Duke Keith had a weakness for donuts and this video is proof. Duke was considering making unique donuts that would be filled with exotic flavors.

Klaq personally went out to hand pick a few victims to taste test Duke's donuts and give their critique. It's crazy that this video was made in 2006, but totally gives off the 80's vibe as you're watching it. In this video there is a take one and a take two that shows you exactly what exotic flavors were used. Now these people that were chosen for this taste test can really fool you and should be hired for selling advertisements. These people probably had not eaten most of the day to eat the donuts the way they did. You will understand what I mean when you see the end of the video after they give their critique.

If Klaq ever asks you to taste something in trade for money, this is probably what you're getting yourself into!

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