One local restaurant amazed The Texas Bucket List so much they received the burger of the season award! El Paso has been making the Texas Bucket List for quite some time and often.

If you've been craving a burger that is loaded with carbs and a whole day of calories worth, Panda Burger should be your next stop. The Texas Bucket List a few months ago awarded Panda Burger with a burger of the season plaque. The famous burger that landed the restaurant in the spotlight is called the Panda Burger. This burger is huge with all the extra toppings that it definitely represents Texas, because everything is bigger in Texas. There are quite a bit of ingredients that give the burger that joyous taste such as the quesadilla, fresh chorizo, carne asada, grilled onions, avocado and chili toreado.

If you plan on downing that Panda Burger, be sure to wear a shirt you wouldn't mind getting dirty!

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