It's such a great feeling to see your hometown mentioned or featured in a movie with well-known actors. These are a few movies that gave El Paso a few seconds of fame verbally and visually.

The few films I picked out that kind of put the spotlight on our Sun City are Glory RoadDumb and Dumber To, and Sicario. If you have seen any of these or even all three then you will know exactly what parts. I was really bummed out when they canceled The Bridge series shows on FX that always showed El Paso and Juarez.

Hopefully, we can still see movies in the future that feature El Paso again soon!


  • WireImage for Disney Pictures
    WireImage for Disney Pictures

    Glory Road

    Everyone in El Paso had to have seen this movie that is based on Don Haskins building a team that was based on talent not race. That team then was known as Texas Western which are now known as the Utep Miners. This movie featured a lot of El Paso especially Utep.

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    Dumb and Dumber To

    El Paso was mentioned and featured quite often in this film. They would mention their travels to El Paso and even University Medical Center was shown.

  • Craig Barritt
    Craig Barritt


    This movie exploited cartel activity that goes on in our border city. It also shows you the escalating war against drugs and their members. It's an intense movie that not only mentions El Paso but Juarez as well.

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