The metalcore band Beartooth has a new way you can interact with their music. Their website has a mosh pit simulator that lets you mosh any time you want rock out to their music. I think every website needs one of these.

This awesome interactive feature was created by Matt Bierbaum, who is a genius in my eyes. My little body and lack of courage have always held me back from entering a mosh pit. Now I can live my dreams of the mosh pit experience all thanks to Beartooth.

It's actually cooler than it sounds. You can control the strength, chaos and speed, along with color coding the different forces in the audiences. You can also choose what type of pit you prefer to smash heads in, either a mosh pit or a circle pit. They have a media player that syncs up along with the interactive mosh pit so you can watch the chaos occur to your favorite Beartooth songs. I am going to have to work on convincing the people here at to get one of these babies on our website.