This guy was ready to strut his stuff on the track until he burned out and his brakes caught fire at the El Paso Motorplex! Most racers, before hauling a** down the track do a quick burnout but this guy took so long he literally burned out.

Geno B luckily caught this Hellcat that pulled up to the starting position and started revving his engine to do a burnout. For someone who has gone to see the races and if you haven't, most burn outs usually are no more than 15 seconds long. It seems like the racer was trying to make their way into the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest burnout maybe? I make that assumption since this person decided to do a longer burnout than most racers. This burnout from start to finish was 53 seconds long and should have been practiced before pulling the stunt off on the track in front of the entire audience.

Sucks this racer learned a lesson the hard way and won't blow his performance next time!

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