Everyone enjoys witnessing but most of all filming something intense that's happening in front of our faces like this moment. Here in El Paso there was a Repossession that just went haywire and is all caught on camera!

Luckily for us ELPaso411tv was there to catch this months ago in person and on video to show us. If you enjoyed watching the famous and hilarious repo shows on TruTv, then you will enjoy this one above! Certain episodes of Operation Repo and Lizard Lick Towing sometimes had the same reaction as above or worse. We don't know exactly if it was a man or woman in the driver seat but do know they didn't want their car towed. You'll get worried towards the end of the video and will notice the person filming does as well. Repossessing can be a very dangerous job from the stories I have heard and from watching this video. If you're a repo employee and deal with these kinds of people, props to you for taking on this challenge!

If you don't ever want this happening to you just keep up with your payments and don't park in places you shouldn't.


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