It's amazing to know that this dude caught a Fleathead from the hidden lake here in El Paso! The hidden lake this man was fishing at was the hidden lake located on the Westside.

Fishing with Adrian channel has a lot of fishing videos that were taken at the Westside lake. This El Pasoan went fishing at the hidden lake a couple years ago and actually caught a Fleathead. After 3 minutes into the video, he has a bit of a struggle trying to fish out what is unknown to him. A few months ago I had published a story on Adrian and him introducing you to the hidden lake. If you ever assumed you couldn't catch anything at the hidden lake, you're wrong! Clearly, he was able to catch a good size Fleathead at the Westside lake.

This would tempt any El Pasoan to go fishing in the hidden lake when it's fishing season!

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