This footage will scare you out of ever wanting to own a Python as a pet! The two reasons that keep me from wanting a Python as a pet are their size and appetite.

This video of a 14-foot Python will leave you amazed how big their appetites really are. Not only is it amazing a Python has a big appetite, but how wide their mouth can open depending on their meal size. Daily Mail got their hands on this video that took place all the way in Thailand. A woman had called a rescue team to help capture the 14-foot Python in her backyard. It took about 6 men to finally dig out the 44 pound Python from underneath the concrete. Maybe the Python was ashamed about eating a massive lizard in public that it decided to go down under? Either way, the Python couldn't enjoy the massive lizard since it regurgitated it.

So prepare your eyes before you watch this 14-foot Python feast on a massive lizard!

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