Since everyone is staying home, people are coming up with creative ways to pass the time. If you're scrolling through Instagram and even TiKTok (I know, I know, that's where I initially saw it) you're bound to find a few videos of lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) in people's living rooms. Not real ones though, AR lions and tigers and bears. This feature has actually been available on AR-enabled phones for quite some time now, but it's only until recently that it's really blowing up.

If you want to be a tiger king (or queen) of your own, all you have to do is Google your desired animal on an AR enabled phone, you can find out if your phone is AR enabled here. In the results, you'll get an option called "view in 3D," click on it and then click on "view in you space" and bam! A tiger, or a shark. Here's what a tiger looked like in my living room:


And here's a Giant Panda with my sister!


And here's a shark in my living room with my cat Pixie:


Bring an exotic animal into your quarantine and let the kids name them, my nephews named the tiger "Mr. Bubbles" the panda is "Chun-Lee" and the shark is "Megan."

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