The story of the Houston neighborhood Tiger King is going viral and has so many twists and turns we have to break it down for you.

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A tiger was spotted roaming the streets of a Houston neighborhood on Sunday night around 8 pm and several videos of the tiger’s trek have been seen on social media. Twitter user Michael Schwab put up a photo and video a homeowner took from her house across the street showing the tiger in a front yard and then crossing the street towards a man. You can also see several vehicles stopped on the street trying to see what the big cat was going to do.

Another video by Twitter user Rob Wormald also posted a video his mother sent him of the big cat walking down the street. He also had screenshots of her text messages where she explained the man with the gun in the video is an off-deputy Sheriff’s deputy Wes who lives in the neighborhood. According to Rob’s mom, he went out to try and control the situation but the owner of the tiger put the big cat in his SUV then drove off.

While many in the neighborhood were scared of the big cat, Rob’s mom looked like she was more inclined to babysit if she would have known:

In the videos, you see the Sheriff's deputy Wes yelling at a man to get the tiger back inside his home. Instead, the man loads the tiger into an SUV then proceeds to drive off.

According to a tweet by the Houston Police Department, they have now arrested the suspect but the tiger is still at large. 26-year-old Victor Hugo Cuevas was arrested and charged with felony evading arrest for fleeing from Houston police. The investigation into the tiger portion of this situation is still under investigation.

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