For the second time in almost a week, a tiger cub has been seen on the streets of Juarez. Whether it was the same tiger cub in both instances remains unknown, but we do know more information on one of those tiger cubs. His name is Thor, and he's five months old.

Thor was seen in the passenger side of his best friends ride. According to reports,  a black Nissan Maxima was pulled over after police spotted the 5-month-old cub in the passenger seat of a car driven by the tiger's owner on Zaragoza Boulevard in the Parajes de Oriente area of eastern Juárez.

According to KVIA, police arrested a man who identified himself as the owner of the cub, Officers arrested a man claiming to be the tiger's owner after he failed to show proof that he was legally licensed by the Mexican government to possess the exotic animal.

Thor was taken to the South District police station, where a municipal animal rescue was set to transport it to a shelter. According to the El Paso Times "exotic cats seized in Mexico are often handed to animal welfare authorities, who determine what will be done with the animal."

Meanwhile, over the weekend, a tiger cub was seen roaming the streets in the middle of the night! It is unknown whether that tiger cub was also Thor but the video was shared on social media and made it all the way to Azteca Noticias, a national news network in Mexico.

Does this warrant a call to Carole Baskin? Either way, I hope Thor, and that other tiger cub, get to live their life out freely.

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