If you have a "vice" or two, don't expect your credit card to be any help paying for it!

Everyone has a guilty pleasure or two, you smoke or drink, maybe you play the lottery. Whatever you do, as long as it's legal and you don't have a problem, it's no big deal right?

To your credit card company, it may be.  There are some things your credit card will absolutely NOT work for.  Marijuana, medical marijuana that is. Your friends may still take Mastercard. Chips at the local casino, lottery tickets and online porn are a few things you can't use your plastic for. Read more about the 5 things you can’t buy.

Even mutual funds are off limits!?

What do you think of this?  Are the CC companies protecting themselves from true risk or are they trying to enforce their morals on your life?  As long as you pay your bill and don't do anything illegal, do these companies have a right to limit your activities?