The State Fair of Texas is right around the corner and this year, minors and their parents/guardians/handlers will have new rules to follow.

The annual State Fair of Texas takes place in Dallas, Texas from September 29th - October 22nd. Get tickets here.

A new policy this year affects minors and calls for their parents to be with them. At least until they get through the gates anyway.

Thanks to some young troublemakers disrupting things last year, this year minors have new rules to follow.

Under the new "minors policy," parents, guardians, or chaperones may accompany no more than six minors 17 years of age and under. The State Fair of Texas will require all accompanying parents, guardians, and chaperones to present a valid ID upon entry starting at 5 p.m. daily. The policy states, however, once inside the fairgrounds, the parent, guardian, or chaperone is not required to remain with the minors. - wfaa

Ok, what's the point of demanding kids have escorts if they don't have to stay together?

I don't know if you've ever been to the state fair but Fair Park is BIG.

Oklahoma v Texas
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Plenty of room for kids with an agenda to be well out of their watchers sights while they stir up some trouble.

Most kids aren't up to anything though, they're just trying to have a good time like everyone else.

Personally, with all the weirdos in the world today, I wouldn't want my kids too far out of my sight at any event attended by thousands and thousands of people.

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