I always get a kick out of the people that are featured on Live PD in El Paso especially these dudes! A group of guys was pulled over and sure did teach us something when it comes to money.

Another police unit was sent to help out since the car smelled like marijuana when they were pulled over. One of the officers was searching through what they believed was a purse that belonged to one of the guys. After the dude claimed it was his he mentioned it was a shoulder bag and the officer then called it a man purse. Before they explain how they can afford their nice things the officers were snooping through a $200 shoulder bag. When the officer noticed a lot of dollar bills, she assumed they were planning on hitting up a gentleman's club. As the officers are doing their search, they're talking about money, and one particular dude knows the true way to save money. He made a statement that is SOO true and hits home with some of us. He mentioned he can look good and shop at expensive places because he doesn't spend money on eating out. He said if everyone just eats at home instead of eating out all the damn time we could save a lot of money. Now, the reason why I found this clip so hilarious was because the cop asked him how much he spends on weed and his response was priceless!

I hope you found this funny just as much as I did and will also help you reconsider the next time you want to eat out.

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