We all have that friend who has you Google a phrase you're clueless about which turns out to be something you wish you could un-see. Luckily, The Talko gives you a brief description of the top 10 things you shouldn't Google.

If you're familiar with the majority of these, (that's creepy) and if you're not get the heads up above.  Over 10 years ago my now ex-best friend was the cat that had to snoop around in curiosity. Because of that curiosity, it ruined chocolate ice cream for me that took the longest time to get over. The Talko did the dirty work for you to explain what you will come across from searching the terms they're warning you about. So inform yourself away to avoid giving yourself a gag reflex.

If NOTHING disgusts you AND you're a curious cat then by all means Google away minus the one that will get you in serious trouble!