A Pearl Jam cover band in the U.K. has changed their name following a cease and desist letter from the actual Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam’s problem wasn’t that they had a tribute band; they have many. Their problem was the cover group’s name…Pearl Jamm.
That’s it. Just “Pearl Jam” but with an extra “M”. The c&d letter argued that “Pearl Jamm” could confuse fans and, of course, there was the issue of merchandizing.

But, if you ask me, the real crime here was the sheer LAZINESS of Pearl Jamm’s name. I feel strongly that if you decide to form a tribute band, it is incumbent upon the band members that they come up with a name that is horrible pun on the original band’s name. And “Pearl Jam” is so ripe for punning on.

Maybe it’s an all-female tribute band. Then they should be, “Girl Jam”.

Maybe the tributers could all dress as furry rodents and go by, “Squirrel Jam”. Who wouldn’t pay a $5 cover to go see a bunch of Brits dressed as furries and belting out “Alive”? I know I would.

Here are some of the funniest, punniest and most memorable tribute band names:

There’s a Misfits cover group that are all overweight: The Misfats

The all-lady AC/DC group called “AC/DShe”

The Rolling Clones

The band that plays AD/DC songs with bluegrass instruments: Hayseed/Dixie

A band in the early 90’s that did reggae-style covers of Led Zeppelin: Dread Zeppelin


As a bonus, here are some tribute bands that DON’T exist already…if you’re a musician and want to form a tribute band you should consider…

Faux Fighters

French Kiss (Play Kiss songs while wearing berets. Mashup the Kiss make-up with French mime Marcel Marceau. Have a guitar in the shape of a baguette.)

Kid Mock

Off-White Snake

Sham Halen



The point is, if you’re going to start a tribute band you’re already going to have to learn 20-30 songs. Is it going to kill you to take 15 minutes to come up with a funny name?

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