You knew you were a cool hardcore cat if you listened or still listen to Kittie. There was some good news some of us were rejoicing about and leaving us wondering like the curious cats we are. If you have continued to listen to Kittie then get ready to jump for joy.

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We can't forget how pumped up Kittie's music got us whether we were skateboarding, driving, or while you're playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater on Playstation. Regardless of what you were doing Kittie always made times better.

The lead singer and guitarist Morgan Lander mentioned some future plans that have Kittie fans and their minds going nuts. Morgan Lander had joined the Talk Toomey podcast hosted by Joshua Toomey recently about some future plans.

Joshua Toomey got Morgan Lander to spill the details some of us have been wondering about for years now. If you got time to spare give the Talk Toomey Podcast a listen by clicking here.

If you're always on the go and constantly have a tight schedule with zero me time, then just keep on reading. Basically, fans of the Canadian metal group Kittie can look forward to seeing more of Kittie in the future.

Well, fans who purchased tickets to the When We Were Young Festival will get to relive their youth and hear Kittie. But this isn't the only time Kittie will be coming out of the woodworks.

Morgan Lander had said the band Kittie has lots to look forward to hinting at Kittie's future plans. She also gave a heads up to fans saying to keep an eye on Kittie's social media outlets for when that time comes.

Now, this just leaves a little room for us to hope that Kittie will have another concert in El Paso. If you look back at previous concert dates Kittie had in El Paso shows they enjoy their fans here. What Kittie fans can do for now is just hope and pray some of those future plans consist of doing a tour and stopping in El Paso.

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