This is the kind of band that will remind you of your skateboarding days with your crew. Hawthorne Heights is that band that takes me back to my high school days. Hawthorne Heights was pretty much played in every skater's car, stereo, and mp3. This rock band will bring back those old memories for me next year! Hawthorne Heights is returning to El Paso, Texas for another live show. They will be performing at Lowbrow Palace Sunday, February 3, 2019. The doors will be opened at 7 pm and the show is set to begin at 8 pm. You can be sure to get more information on purchasing your tickets here. It would be awesome to see Hawthorne Heights again with my skater friends next year! The band released their new album Bad Frequencies earlier in April of this year since 2013. But what is awesome to know is that the Hawthorne Heights band members wrote the album on their own. I hope to see you at their show next year!

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