There's a special way you can surprise someone without the typical stuffed animal and flowers. This new way is the Chuco way for El Pasoans to surprise a loved one.

In all honesty, this is the best idea and gift someone could have. Everyone knows the way to someone's heart is through their stomach. Hence, why ordering a taco gram for that someone special is better than the typical flowers.

Besides, it is better to be unique and stand out instead of doing what everyone else does. During these times you know we're all about supporting local.

A local business Fito's is home of the taco gram. They help your special someone feel really special with food delivery. The catch is the taco gram can be delivered by your choice of a creepy clown, dinosaur, unicorns, and more.

Annie's Adventures was surprised when she got her first taco gram from Fito's by a creepy clown. If you have been wanting to surprise someone special the Chuco way, Fito's has got your back.

You can send your someone special a taco gram which is a plate of tacos that are delivered with a balloon and a coke. They also have Flaming Hot Cheetos with cheese instead of the tacos. Since the Halloween spirit is running high, the creepy clown is the best choice to deliver a taco gram.

If someone you know suffers from coulrophobia (fear of clowns), then maybe it's best to go with anything else but the creepy clown.

Fito's/ Denise Zavala
Fito's/ Denise Zavala
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