Halloween lovers are feeling a bit worried wondering if the spookiest time of the year will be canceled until next year. First, Easter and then the 4th of July celebrations were called off due to Covid-19. El Paso's coronavirus cases have spiked in these past few months and hoping it won't spike anymore. Well, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is hoping families skip out on trick-or-treating this time around. The CDC has stated that trick-or-treating is considered high-risk for spreading Covid-19. Now in Los Angeles trick-or-treating is close to being canceled due to the pandemic in order to avoid the spread. But one man in Ohio isn't planning on skipping the spookiest time of the year. Andrew Beattie came up with a sweet idea to keep trick-or-treating alive with his creative invention for the candy chute. His candy chute is his brilliant way of practicing social distancing while giving out candy.

The CDC has provided a list for different activities that are rated from low-risk to moderate-risk, and high-risk activities. So far we have not heard anything just yet if trick-or-treating will be canceled here in El Paso, Texas. As far as we know it is still a go but unsure of how many will choose to participate in any sort of trick-or-treating activity. Plus, it could be impossible for some to practice social distancing without a candy chute. For now, the CDC is advising against trick-or-treating and recommending different ways to celebrate Halloween in a safer manner.

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