Sometimes parents don't realize how many helpful tips they can find about adventure online. For example, when your heart's desire is yearning to hike but you're not sure your kids can hack it, no problem. There are people who don't believe in social media but having it sure does help to discover new healthy activities for the family.

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Now some locals have kids that may still need a stroller because they're either barely learning how to walk or they tire out quickly. But if you enjoy hiking and feel you can't just toss that delusional thought out of your head now.

Did you know that El Paso has some easy hiking areas that have stroller-worthy paths? Now I was today years old when I came across that information on the El Paso Kids Hike Facebook group.

But what is cool is the host Michelle Rivera creates events for families in the community to join in. Plus, this is a gnarly way of getting cardio in that rewards you and your kids with a magnificent view after all the hard work.

There will be hiking events scheduled that take you and your kids on a trail that is easy enough for toddlers. Tomorrow Michelle Rivera will be hosting another hike tomorrow but isn't recommended for kids 4 and under.

But if you need tips on places you can hike with your kids or meet up with other parents and their kids to enjoy a hiking activity just click here. But parents now you can let that sigh of relief out and get back on your hiking adventures with your tiny hiking partners.

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