Autoblow Vaginal Beauty Contest from Letsgasm! on Vimeo.

Beauty pageants are popular to see some gorgeous women strutting their stuff for college scholarships. Then there was the Smallest Penis Competition, where men actually bragged about how small their little johnson was. For the women, now you can brag about your box, and just how pretty it is. Introducing the "World's Most Beautiful Vagina Contest," where women can show off their goods, and have people vote for who has the prettiest vag in the world. This is real. And you can actually see different vaginas and vote for which one you like the best. think yours is better? Submit your own vagina and you could win! This contest does sound a little weird, and may be even a little bit creepy, but people have been submitting their own vaginas, in hopes of becoming the world's prettiest vagina.

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