The worst cover songs ever.Strong words I know.  Usually, I hate to say I've found the "wost" of anything.  (There's sooo much room for "worse" to come along.)  Therefore, we'll call this a list of the worst covers ever, not the worst covers ever!

Avril Lavigne doing (so to speak) John Lennon:

How about Alien Ant Farm?

That one I can kinda live with; Limp Bizkit??

These are just a few, you can check out more (if you dare) at! (I couldn't bear to post Captain Kirk. Sorry.)

I'm sure somewhere, somebody is working on a new entry.  For now, enjoy these and wait patiently for the next !!  My favorite ... for want of a better word ... is the Limp Bizkit/Who accident.  I couldn't have written a better review for that one myself!!

How about you??  Got a favorite?  One I missed??

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