A lot of parents have been stressing about this temporary virtual schooling schedule during this pandemic. There have been parents making jokes about preparing their adult beverages because of the new virtual learning system. E.P.I.S.D. students and parents had a heck of a day yesterday. Your kids (now students) are having to learn from home which can be difficult for some families. Normally before school would start we would attend the Back to School Expo for helpful tips. Due to the pandemic, a lot of things have been changing lately. Earlier this year in March is when the virtual learning system started in El Paso. I have seen how stressful it can get but honestly, any parent would rather stress about this new system than their kid being bullied.

For a couple of years, my son was bullied at the private school he last attended. I didn't appreciate how certain teachers and staff handled the situation at that school. At one point I even noticed one student push my son right in front of his teacher and she did nothing. At conferences, the teachers always defended the bully and never my son. I am not saying my son is innocent but did see things happen that went unnoticed. So in a way, I am happy about my son doing virtual learning for now.

But it is difficult because students don't get the same activities as they would at school. For example, one disadvantage of virtual learning is not having P.E. in the curriculum. My son is husky and with no coach around (or me since I am at work) during school hours is tough. Luckily, the Back to School Expo can help me out with that. There will be an active link for the Back to School Expo from August 24 through September 6. The virtual Back to School Expo can help all parents out providing assistance just for you. You can learn some tips about building a home classroom so your child isn't distracted. Not only that there will also be meal and nutrition guidance if they aren't picking up free meals at school. Plus, the Back to School Expo will provide instructions for home fitness programs too. The virtual Back to School Expo can be seen right from your home thanks to Western Tech, Oscar Arrieta Allstate, Johnson Jewelers, and the Townsquare Media El Paso family of stations.

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