If you have a kid, you know that the past year has not been easy on your kid. Virtual learning was a good solution to a problem we didn't expect. It wasn't nearly as good face-to-face learning, and we know that now as we look at how far behind our kids are.

But what can we do about it? Keep looking back at the past and complaining about everything? No. We need to do what we can to help our kids get to where they need to be. I know for my kid, we're taking extra time with her to make sure she understands the lessons.

EPISD is trying help get the kids back on track. They're offering night school for kids who have fallen behind. They are offering this so kids won't have to go to summer school to catch up. Melissa Martinez, a spokewoman for EPISD said:

So this is a way to address that now and allow students the opportunity to improve their grades now, to recover that credit that they are in jeopardy of losing prior to the end of the school year.

Tutors and teachers are being brought in and paid overtime to give students one-on-one attention. Students aren't required to do this as it is completely voluntary. Martinez added:

The remote environment is not working for them for whatever reason. So this is an opportunity to come to class and have that one-on-one interaction with a teacher, with a tutor.

I would say remote learning was very difficult for the vast majority of students. It's difficult keeping the kid's attention for that long on a screen for school.

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