If you're on a budget and need a desk for your child, this weekend you can purchase a desk at a cheap price. Some parents can't afford to go to Target or Office Depot to buy a desk for their child. Some parents have had to rely on using the kitchen counter or a foldable tray table. Luckily, parents who can't afford a pricey desk can purchase a desk for their child below $5. Since Alta Vista Elementary School closed last year their desks will be on sale this weekend. El Paso Independent School District is holding a sale at Alta Vista Elementary School. On Saturday, August 29 a sale will be held in order to sell surplus student desks to the general public. The sale at Alta Vista Elementary School will begin at 7 am this Saturday. There isn't a set time when the sale of surplus student desks will end. When they sell out of the surplus student desks will be the time the sale will be over.

They will be selling desks for just $3 each to families. Every household is limited to 5 desks only no more than that. If you're planning on attending this sale they're asking for you to please wear a face mask and follow social distancing guidelines. If you're wondering why they don't just hand over the surplus student desks for free is the state law prohibits it. Purchasing a surplus student desk will help give your home a classroom feel for your child. Alta Vista Elementary is located in Central at 1000 N. Grama Street should you choose to participate in the sale.

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