Ever wonder what the beginning of The Simpsons would look like for real??

You're not alone!!  I love ... LOVE ... The Simpsons but even I'm not this obsessed!  These people did a pretty sweet job re-doing the opening of The Simpsons .. read more about it via msn.com.

The article seems to think it was filmed ... mostly anyway ... somewhere in the U. K.  A fair guess .... it certainly wasn't filmed here in El Chuco!!

If it had been, the smoke from the reactor towers would actually have been coming from some kind of monster tire fire south of the border.

Krusty Burger would have been a Chicos.

Moe's Tavern would have been squished together with 10 other bars on Cincinatti St.

Lisa would have left the band room playing "La Cucaracha".

Barts' skateboard would have been a bike. With huge bars, custom paint and sidewalls!

Homer wouldn't be handling the nuclear waste so much as pushing it all around the parking lot with one of those damn leaf blowers.

Marge and Maggie would have had 12 other kids in the car with them!

Ok, ok ... I'll stop.  What did I miss though?  What else would be in that scene if it had been filmed here??

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