You may have seen a cut and paste going around of all of President Donald Trump’s accomplishments. If you haven’t seen it many of the “accomplishments” are either overstated, lacking context or flat out untrue. Here’s an example: Trump Has Created Peace in the Middle East! The truth is a little more…let’s be generous and say, “nuanced”. Israel and UAE are over a thousand miles away and have never been openly belligerent to each other. More to the point, the two countries have actually been co-operating since Obama’s first term in office because they both perceive Iran as a bigger threat.

The other “accomplishments” on the list are, to varying degrees, similarly underwhelming. He gave federal employees a raise? Actually, he favored a wage freeze but was overridden by congress…so, for this “accomplishment” it was clearly IN SPITE of him rather than thanks to him. One of the areas that Trump probably DOES deserve as much credit as he claims is in sentencing and crime reform. This is a good direction for everyone who might get on the wrong side of the law but the group benefiting most from this are African-American males. Why he can do THIS but can’t bring himself to say, “Black Lives Matter” is beyond my comprehension.

Anyway…there are several of these accomplishments lists circulating. But, I was unaware of any comprehensive list of the president’s failures. That is…UNTIL THE SIMPSON’S 2020 Treehouse of Horror episode!

It’s kind of fitting: Fox News is basically a cheerleader for Trump’s accomplishments. Now, a show on the Fox Network has given us the definitive lists of reasons NOT to vote for the current occupant.

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