Last week was sandwich day, you can find out what the MoSho's favorite sandwich is by clicking here. As much as I love a BLT I do love a really good torta de milanesa!

While perusing through sandwich day deals, I noticed there weren't many torta deals, which is insane! A torta is basically a sandwich- a much more extravagant sandwich but a sandwich nonetheless! So, while on my mission to get myself a good torta- I stumbled upon Yelp and their top reviewed El Paso restaurants to get a torta.

Check out below to see if your favorite place made the list. Here are the ten best places to get a torta in El Paso... at least according to Yelp.

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1. La Pachanga- 222 Texas Ave

According to a Yelp reviewer: "Great tortas. They have decent prices and they are really big! Definitely worth it for a cheap delicious lunch or breakfast too."

2. Martha's Cafe- 122 S. Mesa Street 

I couldn't find a picture of a torta from this place, but look at the outside of this place! A comment on Yelp said: "We had a crew of people working in the area and we ordered a bunch of stuff, flautas, tortas, burritos and the best yet, their menudo. Everything was flavorful and you can tell by the clientele that these people know good food. Not only are the prices great but you get the right portion and you'll be very satisfied"

3. Ambar Restaurante- 106 W. Mills Ave. 

Ambar via Yelp
Ambar via Yelp

This place seemed too fancy for me to have tortas, but they do! A comment on Yelp said: "I had a torta filled with the famous carnitas, very good. No fatty, not dry."

4. Lick It Up- 114 E. Mills Ave.

Lick It Up via Yelp
Lick It Up via Yelp

If you're looking for a plant based option, this is it! A comment on Yelp said: "I love all the vegan options and the host was super friendly and helpful and I probably would give it a second try! I got the chorizo torta with fries (would recommend)"

5. Rafa's Burritos- various throughout EP 

I know that Rafa's is mainly known for their burritos, however, their tortas also come highly recommended! One comment said: "Cheap prices for great amount of food!!! Got a ham torta and a burrito and both were fantastic."

6. La Valentina  Mexican Kitchen- 3501 Alameda 

That picture looks delicious! One comment on Yelp said: "The food is delicious regarding as to what I ordered you cant beat the price in this place totally worth it, definitely would come here again"

7. Doggo's- 3333 N. Mesa 

This stand may be little but it has big flavors! If you've got the munchies, I recommend this place! There's no comments on the tortas, but I think the picture above does some justice!

8. Jalisco Cafe - 1029 E. 7th Ave.

Jalisco Cafe via Yelp
Jalisco Cafe via Yelp

This one, I can attest has some great tortas! Actually, anything on the menu is delicious! I love Jalisco Cafe and am glad that they are top reviewed on Yelp! One comment said:  "My daughter had the steak torta and that too was very good. The service was amazing and you also get live music"

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