November 3rd is National Sandwich Day, which means it's time to get your meats and cheeses between two pieces of bread on.

We asked the Buzz Adams Morning Show Crew what their go-to hoagie might be.

Not a huge sandwich guy. If anything it would have to be a home-made BLT. Someone has to make it for me because I don't, the bread is warm, the tomato is cold and I can watch TV while I eat It. If I was going to a restaurant I guess I would say Shlotzkeys, the meatball sub.

We were shocked when we asked Joanna Barba, the wonderful producer of the Buzz Adams Morning Show, what her favorite sandwich was, right after we asked Buzz what his favorite sandwich was. This is what Joanna said. "I like BLTs. I would say they have to be crunchy, and not the bread necessarily but the bacon, and the lettuce and tomatoes have to be fresh. Wow, I just made myself hungry."

Nico had a more playful favorite sandwich. "I'm a big fan of french dip sandwiches. Especially if it's really good shaved prime rib. I like the process of dunking my sandwich into the ajus like it's a fun extra activity. Plus some horseradish really cuts through the fat and richness of the meat."

Lisa said she was a fan of the club sandwich. That she was a member of the club sandwich, actually. And knowing Lisa, it's a VIP bottle service kind of club. She said she likes bread in the middle, the toothpick, the cut in quarters, and the bunch of fries dumped in the middle, the whole thing. Except she would give her bacon to tubby. 

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National Sandwich Day is your day to celebrate your meat and buns. What we found interesting is how much Buzz and Joanna have in common. Do they both like BLT sandwiches because of some crazy deep-seated passion they have for one another?  We'll never know, but probably.

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