There are secret tunnels under Sunset Heights, but what are they and why are they there?

The president of the Sunset Heights Neighborhood Association, Sito Negron said:

I don’t know if they’ve identified tunnels that go long distances, but different houses definitely have spaces underneath them that nobody has looked at for many years that go off into the darkness.

Click the video above to find out all about the Sunset Heights tunnels.

Here are some details that we do know about the Sunset Heights Tunnels:

  • There are rooms and halls underneath Sunset Heights.
  • They can tell that these halls most likely connect somewhere, they just aren't sure where they go.
  • One of the theories behind the tunnels is that they were used for Chinese immigration.
    • Back in 1882, the Chinese Exclusion Act prevented immigration of Chinese laborers.
    • It's believed the tunnels were used by Chinese immigrants who were entering the country illegally.
  • There is some evidence in the tunnels that help support the Chinese immigrant theory. It all comes down to the railroad. As these were immigrants that helped build the railroads, there are actually sections of railroad used in these tunnels.
  • Another theory is that the tunnels were used by Pancho Villa to stash weapons and munitions. Villa did live in Sunset Heights, right around the time of the Mexican Revolution. But none of those stories have been confirmed.

For now, we can only speculate, until more research and investigating is done.


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