The punk icons will soon join up with another American icon.

Generations have read the Archie comic book series, following the antics of Archie, his hotties and his bros. A secondary series, "Archie Classic", was started so the characters could stay teenagers forever while they grew up in the regular series where Archie gets killed. There's a zombie Archie spin-off and now, The Ramones are headed for Riverdale.

Why is Archie partying with The Ramones? Matthew Rosenberg, Comics Alliance co-writer, explained:

“Archie is what got me into comics, the Ramones are what got me into punk rock, and those two things have always been connected for me. The Ramones are my punk rock heroes, they’re really very comic booky, and Archie has a long history of being connected to music, and being willing to try new things and do cool new stuff, so to me, this makes perfect sense.”

Check out the cover art here, the Archie Meets The Ramones issue will be released in 2016.