I've said it over and over, it seems like there's no rules during the quarantine. According to the police, there's at least one- wear pants. People during lockdown seem to be doing whatever it takes to make it through this strange self-isolation period. People have been walking their dogs while sipping an alcoholic beverage (that may have been me), letting their kids run the house, and haven't put on real pants in weeks. That last issue is really turning into a problem for the police in one city.

The Taneytown Police Department in Maryland took to their social media account to let residents of their town know what is appropriate attire outside of their homes. The department posted on their Facebook account asking people to put pants before they walk out their front doors to check the mail. While the warning was strange, it makes sense when you find out that this specific person the police are referring to has already done this. Multiple times.

Taneytown is a small town with a population of only 7,000 residents so it makes sense that the police know the person who has been checking the mail pantsless. No word yet though on if the offender has finally found his pants. Here's to hoping he did.

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