The "Octomom" Nadya Suleman whose famous for having octuplets in January 2009 and 14 kids in total, was on with the KLAQ Morning show today(6/28/11) to promote her celebrity boxing fight.

The problem is, Nadya has no idea who she is fighting, she really isn't training and is basically going in blind into this fight.  Nadya is so hyper that it's kind of hard to understand what she is talking about.  I still say that she's on something, but she says she isn't.  She admits she'll do anything for money.  "As long as I get to keep my clothes on I'll consider it." So it makes it interesting when we play a game of "What would the Octomom do for money?"  Listen to the interview below:

Here's a question for all the fellas out there...Knowing how fertile and crazy the "Octomom is and now that she looks like this


Would you hit it?

Remember she used to look like this



The "Octomom was true to her word as she actually fought in a boxing match in Bellmawr, New Jersey.  She fought against  local radio personality Jen Poser of the "John Debella" show on WGMK out of Philadelphia.  The two ladies wore big gloves and the fight went four rounds. The judges favored Nadia's opponent but event organizers called it a draw.  Here's a news report of the fight courtesy of  NBC Philadelphia below:

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