Every Leatherface movie that has been released has always scared the crap out of me thankfully not literally. There have been so many films made on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and each one gets more gruesome than the others.

BD Horror Trailers and Clips gives you the updated version of Leatherface, showing us that we're in store for more gore scenes than the other versions. The cast for this film doesn't seem to have very familiar faces. But just in that one minute and forty second video the cast leaves you feeling scared for them. But this time it's different how the movie will be released which is a plus for DirecTV account holders. Leatherface will be premiering on DirecTV September 21 and later be featured in theaters October 20. This is the perfect release date for the movie just because Halloween is right around the corner.

This is the perfect movie to take your date to just to have them wrapped around your arm!