As you may have noticed, there have been several changes to the Morning Show. Most recently Nico became a full time member of the show, and we now start the show live at 6 AM rather than 5 (which you can read all about here.)

With new changes comes a new set of rules for the Morning Show drinking game. Yup, that's right there's a Morning Show drinking game! I know what you're thinking: it's like 6 in the morning, who is drinking that early? Well, my dear friend, we can tell you that we have gotten our fair share of live drunk calls that early.

Don't worry, we're not judging! In fact, because of that, and because of a comment left on our old YouTube chat (remember those days?) we decided to come up with a drinking game! It was fairly easy- all you needed was beer, or an alcoholic beverage if you don't drink beer like me, and liquor of your choosing.

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Some of the old rules are still in place, but there are some new ones. So, pick your poison and follow the NEW official rules below:

1.) Every time Lisa says "a friend of mine" take a sip of your drink.
2.) Every time Lisa references "California" or that she's from California take a shot
3.) Every time Buzz looks over his computer to see if Joanna is laughing- take a sip of your drink.
4.) Every time Nico says "buddy" take a shot AND a sip of your drink.
5.) Every time Buzz makes an outdated references that nobody else gets, take a sip of your drink.
6.) Every time Lisa starts to talk and realizes her mic isn't on take a sip of beer.
7.) Every time Nico shows up late, take a sip.
8.) Every time Nico has an unconvincing excuse for why he's late, take a shot and a sip of your drink.

9.) Every time Buzz forges to properly edit a Neckline call, take a sip of your drink.
10.) Every time ODG (Okie Dokie Guy) leaves a Neckline message take a sip of our drink.
11.) Every time we get a message from Dean from Abilene take a shot- or two- you're going to need it!
12.) Every time Buzz chooses the patch of least resistance, take a shot.
13.) Every time Buzz & Nico start to discuss (or argue) about their home life- take a shot.
14.) Every time Buzz or Nico mention their dogs- take a shot.
15.) Every time you hear Buzz mention a childhood friend by their full name- take a shot.
16) Every time Joanna mentions her cats take a sip of your drink.
17.) Every time Lisa mentions her Pug or Pugs in general take a sip of your drink.


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