Today on our Youtube chat, which you can subscribe to here, people were talking about how you should have to take a shot every time Lisa references a "friend of hers" who has some special insight into whatever topic we're talking about.

You want to drink during the Morning Show? Fine. Here are the official rules for the MoSho Drinking Game,

Supplies You'll Need: 1 bottle hard liquor of your choice. 6 pack beer of your choice. Shot glass.

  • 1.) Every time Lisa claims specialized knowledge of something because "she has a friend" take a shot
  • 2.) Every time Lisa references "California" or that she's from California take a shot
  • 3.) Every time Buzz looks over his shoulder to see if Joanna is laughing take a sip of beer.
  • 4.) Every time Brandon says "a buddy of mine" take a shot and a sip of beer
  • 5.) Every time Buzz makes an outdated references that nobody else gets, sip of beer.
  • 6.) Every time Lisa starts to talk and realizes her mic isn't on take a sip of beer.
  • 7.) Every time Nico shows up late, sip of beer.
  • 8.) Every time Nico has an unconvincing excuse for why he's late, take a shot and a sip of beer.
  • 9.) Every time Brandon calls Buzz "Buzzly" take a shot.
  • 10.) If Brandon loses his temper with a caller, finish your beer
  • 11.) When Brandon makes fun of caller, take a sip of beer 
  • 12.) Every time you hear a reference from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" take a shot
  • 13.) Every time you hear a reference from "The Office" take a shot
  • 14.) Every time you hear a reference from "Parks & Rec" take a shot 
  • 15.) Every time you hear "Picke Rick" or "Boom! Big reveal!" take a shot 
  • 16.) Every time Buzz's false teeth make a whistle sound, finish off the bottle of liquor.
  • 17) Every time Joanna mentions her cats take a sip of beer
  • 18.) Every time Lisa mentions Tubby take a sip of beer 

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