Our Monday Mt. Rushmore today is in honor of the launch of Disney +: The Mt. Rushmore of Disney Villains.

We agreed on a few rules before we began. We’re dealing only with movies that were Disney at the time they came out. Sorry, but Disney didn’t buy Marvel or Lucasfilms until AFTER the characters had been established so no Darth Vader or Thanos on this list. The villains can either be original Disney creations (like Scar), characters from long-established legend or fairy tales (like Hades) or from history (Like Governor Ratcliff in “Pocahontas” ). The movie or show they came out in just had to have the Disney brand on it when it came out.

Here’s the Mt. Rushmore of Disney Villains with a very brief explanation of each.

  • Scar from “The Lion King”

A lot of Disney villains TALK about doing evil stuff. Scar actually DOES some of it. Regicide, fratricide, presumed rape (it’s not like Simba’s mother wanted to be a consort to her husband’s murderer)…Scar checks a lot of villainous boxes.

  • Malificent from “Sleeping Beauty”

To be honest, I always thought of Maleficent as being one of the interchangeable she-villains of Disney-dom. I mean, is she really all that different from Generic Evil Queen A or Evil Stepmother B? I guess she is because Brandon and Joanna insisted she be on this list.

  • Ursula from “The Little Mermaid”

Tricks Ariel on a sucker bet and tries to engage in creepy man/squid relations with Prince Eric.

  • Chernabog from “Fantasia”

I know, I know…who the hell is Cinnaborg? Turns out, he’s the devil guy in Fantasia. What did he do to make it on the Mt. Rushmore of ALL TIME DISNEY VILLAINS, you ask? He summons demons and naked, dancing fairies and naked boobs (seriously, go to 5:38 on this video!)

Chernabog continues his evil summoning until he is finally stopped by the heroic actions…uh, no. Actually, he just kind of stops. That’s it. But, SURE, let’s put him on the Mt. Rushmore of Disney Villains.

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