Happy Doctors Day! Every Monday we compile a Mt. Rushmore list, the 4 greatest of something. Since today was going to be Doctors Day anyway we decided to do, “The Mt. Rushmore of Fictional Doctors”.

To make it a little more structured we decided to limit the scope to only medical doctors. So, apologies to Dr. Pepper and Phil. We may give you your own list at some later date but today we’re only looking at make-believe members of the medical field.

After much debate and studied consideration here are the four we came up with.

  • 1.) Dr. Mark Greene

From: ER

Portrayed by: Anthony Edwards

Known for: Compassion, baldness, dying

  • 2.) Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy

From: Star Trek

Portrayed by: DeForest Kelley/Karl Urban

Known for: Telling people to go to sick bay, racism toward Vulcans, telling Kirk the things he’s not, i.e.: “Damn it Jim, I’m a doctor not a ______”

  • 3.) Dr. Perry Cox

From: Scrubs

Portrayed by: John C. McGinley

Known for: Sarcasm. Cynicism, Cynical Sarcasm

  • 4.) Dr. Doogie Howser

From: Doogie Howser, M.D.

Portrayed by: Neil Patrick Harris

Known for: being a kid doctor, recapping his day on his Commodore 64

I just realized something. We had the entirety of fiction to choose from and we only ended up using television! Even worse, NETWORK Television!

Couldn’t we have thrown in at least ONE literary character? My sincerest apologies to Doctors Watson, Faust and Moreau. You should all have been played by Neil Patrick Harris.

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