Many stories have come out of Texas regarding the Wild West. Among those stories is the one about Elfego Baca, the lawman from Socorro, New Mexico who has family ties to El Paso, Texas. He even practiced law in El Paso during the early 1900s.

While people might remember the name, I bet you don't remember the show that Disney filmed that was all about Elfego Baca. Yes... THAT Disney.

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This was the Disney show that was all about Elfego Baca

Between 1958-1960. Disney would release a 10 episode Western series starring Robert Loggia called "The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca". The show centered around Elfego Baca and his journey from being a lawman into becoming a lawyer during the Wild West. A lot of the filming for the show was done in New Mexico; most of it around Cerrillos/Santa Fe.

The series was released on the Walt Disney Treasures DVD series; however, you CAN find all 10 episodes, in their entirely, on YouTube.

This isn't the first time someone from El Paso has been in a Disney project

Grammy award winner & El Paso native, Germaine Franco, would win a Grammy for Best Score Soundtrack thanks to her work on Encanto.

Of course we can't forget about Don Bluth, another celebrity who was born in El Paso. Before he would go on to make classics like The Land Before Time & All Dogs Go to Heaven, he would help make the 1959 film, Sleeping Beauty.

Don't forget the easter eggs to El Paso made in the Blue Beetle movie either...

We haven't seen a Disney show centered around El Paso in a while but it's nice that this part of West Texas HAS been on Disney's radar for quite sometime...

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