They have become the hottest fashion fad of the year ... possibly, the decade ... so, let's find out what the most popular design is.

Note, I said design and not safest or most disease resistant. That is because I know us and that is the last thing anyone is worried about these days. The safe masks don't really look cool and "cheap" tends to win the battle with the "everyday" items around here anyway so, we'll take super safe medical grade and/or N95-ers off the table for this one.

As soon as the city mandated the use of masks, we all HAD .. literally and figuratively ... to have one. A fact which almost immediately fired up some cool "cottage industries" making masks with cool designs on them. Being a biker who doesn't really appreciate chewing on sand or insects, I already had a couple of cool "skull" masks on hand as well as a s**tload of bandanas so, I was ready. Others had to go shopping and very quickly began to choose cool, pretty, comfy, etc; over safe and practical.

(Side note: I recently went to the dentist and they took a full, frontal x-ray ..  of my teeth, get your mind out of the gutter ... that I want to use as a mask. I'd post it here but, I don't want anyone stealing it. My mouth hasn't been copyrighted yet.)

Anyway, name a design; you'll find it on a mask. Football team emblem, (New England Patriots for me), band logo, (THAT is a tough one but, we'll say Rob Zombie for the sake of argument), favorite hobby/work implement, (bass guitar and/or microphone in my case), along with certain business logos and/or product emblems, (KLAQ for me, of course), and SOOO many more. (They even make special masks for marching band members.)

So, what is your mask design of choice?

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