COVID-19 has stoped many bands from playing live but now, thanks to an NMSU student, musicians all over the USA are back in business.  5:23

The "Pride of New Mexico Marching Band" from the New Mexico State University in Las Cruces ... also known as the "World's Most Dangerous Marching Band" ... may have been silenced this year by the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, an NMSU student came up with new mask designs that could be worn while still allowing musicians to play. Slowing the spread of COVID and keeping band members safe while still allowing them to play and perform.

The masks have the mouth openings cut in different shapes to accommodate the different methods used to play instruments and magnets help create complete seals between the musician and the instrument. The masks work so well that they are now being used by university and high school marching bands all over the country. One dollar from each mask sold goes toward music scholarships at NMSU, including one for the NMSU student who designed the mask, Katelyn Zuments. (EPHP)

According to the El Paso Herald-Post, the NMSU Pride band also implemented other safety precautions including:

... plastic hoops around each member to serve as social distancing markers, and a fabric caddy to wrap around the band’s large water jugs to hold plastic gloves, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. And instead of relying on printed sheet music, each band member sports a cellphone holder around their wrists in order to use apps that show music and drills.

Major congrats to Katelyn Zuments for designing these things and for helping bands across the country to play on throughout the pandemic. Band performance schedules may still be up in the air but, their ability to play remains thanks to Katelyn!

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