First, we tried the office supplies in Jell-O. That didn't work out because the stupid camera turned off. So, we decided to enlist the help of the Del Norte Snacks to help us with the vending machine prank from The Office.

For anyone who is curious, no, the client wasn't pissed off. That was Buzz trying to get back at us and make us worried that we were going to get in trouble. There was a couple reasons we knew right out of the gate that the client wasn't upset.

  1. The client's logo is on the screen at all times even without the truck in the shot.
  2. The truck hasn't been in the shot in a fairly long time because Buzz moved it, forgot about it, and when we went to put it in the vending machine, we found it on the floor.

Why are we doing these pranks from The Office?

That's because of The Office! A Musical Pardoy coming to El Paso. Here are the details.

  • What: The Office! A Musical Parody
  • When: March 26th, 2020
  • Where: The Plaza Theater

You can check out the website by CLICKING HERE. Or go buy your tickets directly by CLICKING HERE.

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