While watching my usual binge of "The Office" I came upon the "Niagara" episodes. You know which ones they are; the entire office travels to Niagara for Jim and Pam's wedding! We, the audience, know that Jim and Pam didn't actually get married at the church, they got married on the boat going through Niagara Falls, which was "Plan C," according to Jim, who bought the boat tickets the day he saw "that YouTube video." Just a quick refresher of how Jim and Pam's wedding went down:

But, have you ever seen the original YouTube video that inspired this awesome wedding entrance? The video was uploaded back in July of 2019, and it was for the wedding of Jill and Kevin.

The "Niagara" episodes of "The Office" aired three months later in October. I found myself curious, and wondered: "Is this couple still together? If they're not still married I will lose all faith in humanity". Well, upon looking through the comments, I found out they have a website! Jill and Kevin's wedding website has the answers I'm sure lots of us have asked.

First, yes, I am happy to report that Jill and Kevin couple are still together! It's been 10 years and their family has grown! They now have two boys and a girl. They are still very close to the people in their wedding party and they actually didn't know that "The office" was going to copy their wedding dance! They were actually watching it when it aired and were shocked! You can check out their website here and find out how to donate to the great cause Jill is a founder of.

The episodes are one of my favorites and my little heart grew a little to know that Jill and Kevin are still going strong. While I watch "The Office" for the bajillionth time, I'll just send in my application to DISH for a chance at $1,000. I wonder if "The Office! A Musical Parody" will parody this when they come to El Paso?

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