McDonald's got a really nice boost when they launched their "Travis Scott Meal". For $6, you got a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon and lettuce; French fries with barbeque sauce and a Sprite- which honestly sounds kind of good. Because of the boost, McDonald's saw a bit of an unexpected food shortage. McDonald's saw this as a good thing and has now collaborated with Colombian singer J Balvin who created his own celebrity meal. The J Balvin meal comes with a Big Mac, medium French fries with ketchup and an Oreo McFlurry- again, sounds great.

Because McDonald's is doing great with these celebrity meals, Jack in the Box has decided to jump on that wagon. Jack in the Box has teamed up with everyone's favorite Fluffy guy and with Postmates to create his own celebrity meal at the fast food joint. Comedian Gabriel Iglesias' celebrity meal at Jack in the Box is called "Jack's Fluffy Combo" and comes with 3 tacos, 5 chicken nuggets, curly fries, mini churros and a medium Diet Coke. It looks like celebrity meals are a hit; which got me think- what would the Morning Show's celebrity meals at McDonald's look like? So I asked around.

For The Lisa Sanchez meal at McDonald's you get: 

  • Two Cheeseburgers with no pickles
  • Large French fries
  • Large Coke
  • Small Oreo McFlurry with extra Oreo's

For the Brandon Coates Meal at McDonald's you get: 

  • 20 piece McNuggets
  • BUCKET of French fries
  • Large Sprite

For the Joanna Barba meal at McDonald's you get: 

  • 10 piece McNuggets
  • Double Hamburger
  • Large French fries
  • Large Sprite
  • Apple Pie

For the Buzz Adams meal at McDonald's you get: 

  • Quarter Pounder with cheese
  • French fries (but with the oil they used to use in the '80s)
  • Dr. Pepper in a can (as cold as it could be before freezing)

So, which meal are you ordering at Mickey D's?

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